Sunday, June 2, 2013

Just Before Summer: 10 Days in Photos

Here's a look at 10 days in the garden in mid- to late May.

Ah, this was before the lettuce bolted and we still had kale.

I saw the rabbit as I walked to my car to go to work. So far, it has stayed away from the veggie boxes. Could it be true that nasturtiums really do repel rabbits? Or does a mix of fragrant herbs confuse the bunny's sense of smell? We have rue, oregano, thyme, basil, dill, sage, parsley, cilantro, catnip, and probably more that I'm forgetting. I feel a superstitious sense that as I write this the bunny is out there munching...

The peony flower's life span is short. The peonies are done, a bedraggled mass of tattered pinkish white petals turning brown. But how beautiful to watch them unfold. 

Birds are peeping everywhere in the yard. For days, every time I walked in the backyard I heard rustlings and flutterings in the bushes as a group of four tiny Carolina wrens moved about. This little one is too young to have tail feathers. Adorable!

This is an unknown but very tall rose bush (more than 8 feet high) with lovely translucent pink flowers.

The cherry tomato plants were the first to begin flowering. 

A view of the side yard. In early spring, we took out a deck that took up much of the yard, including the sunniest spot, where the veggie boxes are now. 

The star jasmine is growing well off the front porch. 

The white-breasted nuthatch is one of the most common birds seen at our feeder. Today I saw a juvenile nuthatch sit on top of the pole with its mouth open and the parent feed it with seeds.

A fading but still beautiful rose. 

I am continuing to take daily photos in the garden. Please visit again in a few days for the next set of 10!


PlantPostings said...

I really enjoy these "10 days" posts! Your garden is just ahead of mine, so I'm jealous and delighted at the same time. ;-) I hope the rabbit stays away from your veggies. (I go through the same mind tricks regarding the big-eared plant eaters!)

Jason said...

Really nice photos! We also have white breasted nuthatches around, and there seems to be an unusual amount of traffic at our bird feeders. I think perhaps there aren't as many insects to eat because it has been cool. Our tomatoes have a ways to go before they start flowering. That jasmine looks so nice, I bet the fragrance is wonderful. Good luck deterring the bunnies, I think there is a rabbit nest somewhere in one of my flower beds.

Sheila Read said...

Beth, I saw a baby bunny in the yard the other day. So far, no vegetable damage yet. And he was so cute I took photos of him instead of trying to scare him off.

Jason, we have way more traffic at our bird feeder at the new house than we did at the old. Not sure why, but they are fun to watch. Yes, the jasmine smells wonderful. Jasmine and gardenia are perhaps my two favorite scented flowers.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Sheila what a glorious tour of theses 10 days in your beautiful garden...everything is looking so lush and lovely. And all those critters agree. The bunnies have begun to arrive in our garden, but I have to net the beds although the veggies on the patio are untouched. I plan to net them too as one of the rascals is too bold.

They seem to enjoy the high grass I have not weeded from the beds all the clover we produce here :)