Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Blooms and More: 10 Days

Mr. Cardinal

Nasturtiums are beautiful and edible.

The female towhee, well camouflaged

A baby bunny I didn't have the heart to scare out of the garden

This past week the gardenia exploded with blooms, so many that I don't feel guilty at all about cutting them and bringing them indoors. 

Bean flowers in their tiny perfection

I didn't know squash flowers were so lovely.

The new oakleaf hydrangea "Ellen Huff" seems happy near the foundation.

The first lily to bloom in the garden this year. 

Tropical Storm Andrea dumped 4.5 inches of rain. 


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Wow even more rain I think than we had...I believe we were 3.5 inches in a already wet garden so we are very soggy...those veggies look wonderful. Veggie flowers are not only pretty but mean yummy delights...I can't scare the baby bunnies either..we just adopt them :)

Jason said...

The gardenia is really lovely. We have been getting plenty of rain with some modest flooding now and then.

PlantPostings said...

I have truly fallen in love with your garden through these "10 day" posts! I wish I could stop over. ;-) And you reminded me why I need to find a way to add a "hothouse" Gardenia to my collection! Lovely photos!