Saturday, May 18, 2013

10 Days in May

The last week has been all about the bluebirds. I wake up each morning happy to hear the peeping of the babies in the box outside the bedroom window. 

Most of the irises at our new house are shades of purple, blue and white, but this yellow one was a cheerful surprise in the morning sun.

Sitting on the front porch, I saw awkward flutterings and a fledgling alight on the roof, then in the holly. I believe it is a young finch, as I saw the parent finches nearby. 

I nearly cut down this rose bush last fall during one of my pruning frenzies. The cane was ungainly and leaning awkwardly, I thought, on an azalea. Ha! I am often glad when I overcome my ideas about how things should look in the garden.

Swiss chard is growing well and I expect will be our only greens in the garden soon if the heat continues. Lettuce is still a near-daily treat. 

Carpenter bees (I think) have been busy pollinating the hollies. I have been very glad to see them, given the bee crisis. The tomato plants are beginning to flower, and they will need pollinators.

This iris takes my words away. 

My husband set up the tripod on a chest in the bedroom to capture bluebird photos.

The babies are getting active in the box and beginning to poke their heads out. Each day, I hate to leave the house because I want to see them fledge. 

A rose bush that I hacked to the ground produced one perfect rose. It smells like a rose should.


PlantPostings said...

I like the "10 days in May" approach! It gives a real sense of what's happening in your garden from day to day, without being overwhelming. Lucky you to have bluebirds taking up residence!

Sheila said...

Beth, thanks for the comment. It's an experiment that I'm continuing - a close focus on one subject. I got the idea from the photographer who did the "That Tree" photos for 365 days. To me, the obvious subject for photographs is the backyard. My dominant philosophy of life is that beauty is all around us, if only we take the time to look and appreciate it... And it's a great way to document the changing seasons... And improve my photography!

Of course, I have had to exclude some subjects (such as the "gifts" of dead baby birds the crow has been marinating in our bird bath). Ugh.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Sheila I am also enjoying this idea of 10 was a delight to see your garden as you showcased one thing each day....we finally have bluebirds who have hatched and are being fed...they are way back in the meadow so it is hard to see them but we hear them. Your irises are beautiful and I look forward to seeing mine soon.

Sheila Read said...

Baby bluebirds have such a distinct sound. I am disappointed I missed seeing them fledge. I think they fledged while I was at church on Pentecost. A perfect day for transformation to a new life in the wider world!

I appreciate the feedback!

The Sage Butterfly said...

I, too, am very focused on the birds at this time of year. I try to work my schedule around the fledging times, but, of course, I do miss it sometimes. I love watching the little ones. Wonderful photos of the bluebirds.