Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Drama

I thank an unknown former gardener
for planting dozens of these fragrant happy daylilies.

A raw swiss chard salad with decorative edible nasturtiums.
Young chard is not that bitter and raw greens
are said to be more nutritious.

An indescribable pink lily

Titmouse fledglings splashed in the bird bath.
This one then basked in the sun on the roof of the shed.

The surprise of new life after months in which this sword fern,
left outside all winter, appeared dead. 

First sungold cherry tomato of the season

Hydrangea after rain. I am developing a preference
for the varied shades of pinkish purplish blue flowers
that emerge in the absence of acid fertilizer. 

A hibiscus with blooms bigger than my hand drapes over the driveway.

We've been having frequent late afternoon thunderstorms,
and I'm rarely having to water the garden. 

I came home from work to find this top-heavy heirloom tomato plant
collapsed, breaking the stake. Miraculously, its stems were not broken
and my husband was able to prop it up and restake it. 


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

How incredible that our gardens seem on track...we had a mishap with titmouses early in the seasons as one hit the door and I thought it was was fine. I also have pink, purple and bluish hydrangeas all on the same bush...and that first tomato is the best eaten right out of the garden....we had a tomato support give and we thought we lost the plants but they were very flexible....frequent storms here and we are flooded. Happy gardening Sheila.

pumpkydine said...

Wonderful captures Sheila! I love the multiple shots as it really gives you a sense of the season! All the rain we've had has also caused our garden to be later than normal this year, however we're in full harvest mode now. Nothing better than some fresh veggies for the plate and the freezer.
Have a blessed day!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

You have lots of fun things going on in your garden! I've had to do very little supplemental watering as well due to all the rain. I hope that continues in July & August. The titmouse fledgeling is adorable. What a special moment to see! Hope your July garden is as fruitful!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Such lovely photos of all the beauties in your garden. My Beefmaster tomato plant has very heavy fruit. I have reinforced it a bit to keep it upright. Once they begin to ripen, I can take some of the load off.

PlantPostings said...

So many miracles right there. I'm enjoying the song of the titmouse this summer. I don't recall having so many of them around in the past. I'm SO ready for fresh Tomatoes! Yum! I agree with you about the mixed-color Hydrangea, and not bothering with the fertilizer.

Sheila said...

Donna, I'm so glad the titmouse was fine. I found a Carolina wren fledgling recently near the bird bath with a broken neck and buried it under some leaves. Fledglings are adorable but so awkward and vulnerable - no wonder birds have to have several broods...

Pumpkydine, It's so nice to hear from you. It's been a long time. Yes, the rain seems to be delaying development of vegetables. Lots of green tomatoes hang waiting to ripen, but we haven't been having much sun recently.

Karin, watching the titmouse fledglings in the birdbath splashing around was a special moment. And I get a particular joy out of watching birds bask in the sun - it seems so human and joyful and trusting, all at the same time.

Michelle, glad you enjoyed the photos! It was an heirloom tomato with large fruits that collapsed. It's doing fine now that it's re-staked.

Sheila said...

Beth, you're right, they are miracles. Daily miracles, recognized by that leap of joy that prompts me to get the camera.