Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Praying Mantis to Mystery Flower: 10 Days

A praying mantis waits for prey on a nasturtium in the veggie garden.

I'm glad I photographed this butterfly
 because I haven't seen one since. Where are you, butterflies?

The veggie jungle

Bees of different varieties are obsessed with the flowering oregano.

The red hibiscus flowers turn into umbrellas. Rain, rain, rain -
we've been getting late day storms nearly every day.

Daylilies remain stunning.

We took a spontaneous 24-hour trip to the beach at Salter Path, N.C., 
when we got the last room available at our favorite retreat center. 
Swimming held by the waves and walking the beach is a prayer.

Beach at sunset

Beach at sunrise

Blackberry picking

A mystery flower emerges from a tall plant with iris-like leaves.
Can you identify it?


PlantPostings said...

So many beautiful photos and memories! No, I have no idea what that flower is, sorry. How nifty to see the sunrise and sunset at the same spot!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Beautiful captures! The rain has been a blessing and well, enough already :) The beach looks amazing. We are going to get our beach fix in a week and I can't wait. No clue what your mystery plant is...

Sheila said...

Beth, the beach on the Crystal Coast of NC runs west-east facing South into the Atlantic so you can see both sunrise and sunset. This time of year the sun is rising and setting to the north over the land, but the reflections of the light on the beach are still beautiful.

Karin, yes, I agree about the rain. Enough, though I hate to say that. I haven't had to water the garden in a month.

Anonymous said...

The flower is a gladiolus. Beautiful photos.