Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's Peaking in Mid-July

Two cherry tomato plants (Sun Gold and Sweet Million)
are producing a bowlful per day. We've begun bartering them for eggs
with a neighbor.

The new butterfly garden looks lovely,
with a nameless salvia, crocosmia and coneflower,
but I've seen perhaps two butterflies there. Lots of bees, though. 

Cosmos in the parsley

It rained nearly every afternoon for what seemed like weeks.

The cucumber trellised itself on the cherry tomato plant.

This brown thrasher spent several minutes rubbing its belly
and preening on the top of the Prius. 

This bunny thinks he owns the garden. He's been eating coneflowers,
coreopsis and on the plus side, Johnson grass. 

Crepe myrtles are peaking.

A small milkweed bug on the butterfly weed.

I can't decide if this combination of two unusual kinds of coleus
and basket grass is creatively inspired or hideous. 


PlantPostings said...

I didn't think rabbits would eat Coneflowers?! Interesting. I covet your Crepe Myrtles. They are fun trees!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

My bunnies are behaved right now...our cukes have just gotten going and we are harvesting fat juicy ones....our first monarch glided into the garden today so perhaps they will show...I planted lots of milkweed for them.

Sheila Read said...

Beth, yes, this rabbit loves coneflowers and has gnawed them nearly to the ground. Overall, it's fairly well behaved considering it seems to live in the yard. It hasn't damaged the vegetable garden in any significant way.

Donna, glad to hear of the monarch's arrival. I started seeing tiger swallowtails this week (maybe I'm looking harder now).