Friday, May 13, 2011

Bluebirds Are Back!

On April 16, the bluebirds disappeared from the box. The day before their disappearance, the babies had become loud and lively. I heard scuffling sounds inside the box and saw little heads peeking out. Then, nothing. When I mentioned the missing bluebirds, a gardening friend said, "Do you think something got them?" I chose to believe they had fledged. Now, one month later, they're back. The box is once again a hub of bluebird activity.

Male bluebird brings an insect, while juvenile bluebird hangs out. 
The female seems to be spending more time in the box - I think she's sitting on a second set of eggs.

Bird's eye view (Female bluebird)
A young bluebird frequently accompanies one of the parents and sits on the box while they are busy inside. Young bluebirds from the first brood help the parents feed nestlings from the second brood, according to "Birds of the Carolinas." Perhaps mama and papa should cut down on junior's ration of insects. He appears to be larger than either of his parents. 

Junior: "Feed me!"  Mama: "Are you crazy? You're bigger than I am!"
Note to self: Remember to remove the window screen before photographing bluebirds!


Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Despite the window screen these are great captures! So glad your bluebirds are back. I am seeing more in my garden this year than ever before. Makes me so happy!

Sheila Read said...

The bluebirds make me happy, too. I set up my laptop in the dining room the other day so I could work and keep an eye on the box.

I'm glad they are visiting your garden more. Have you changed any of your gardening practices to attract more birds?

Donna said...

This is such wonderful robin is back too and I post about her tomorrow...I love bluebirds but mine never get the houses because they nest later than the sparrows.

Sheila said...

I will look forward to your post about the robin, Donna! I guess we don't have so many sparrows here - they've never tried to nest in the bluebird box.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! My bluebirds got kicked out by house sparrows...I was so mad...and then the box got taken over by tree swallows. I miss seeing the bluebirds; glad yours are back!

Sheila Read said...

Hanni, so sorry to hear that. I'm glad that sparrows and swallows aren't competing with bluebirds in my garden - seems like that's a big problem elsewhere. Thanks for visiting!