Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Cardinals

Curious why the mother cardinal had stopped sitting on her nest, I took the screen off the upstairs window and peered into the camellia. To my joy, I saw three baby cardinals.

The wings are distinct on the baby cardinal. No awards for cuteness yet, however!
Baby cardinals sit in nest nicely shaded by a camellia branch.
Baby cardinal opens mouth wide for food.


Donna said...

ohhhh...they are so wonderful that you get to experience this

Sheila Read said...

Yes, I'm excited to watch their development. I'll keep you posted!

Janet said...

Delightful wee birds.

Alan said...

This is a rare opportunity you have, as Cardinals usually make their nests in dense brush or a thicket (or in my case in the middle of my bamboos).

Please keep posting photos as long as it's not disturbing the chicks or parents too much!

Sheila Read said...

Janet, yes, they are delightful, aren't they?

Alan, I agree it's a wonderful (and unexpected) opportunity. The nest is actually fairly well hidden, but if I lean all the way out the window and move my head just so, I can see into it. The hard part is keeping the camera still while taking pictures in this position.

At the moment, the mama cardinal is sitting on the nest, presumably keeping the babies warm, as it's raining and a bit chilly.