Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everyday Beauty

Despite my intellectual attraction to farming, it may be a good thing I don't live off the land. By mid-July, I struggle to maintain my enthusiasm for the garden. It hasn't even been hot this year, by North Carolina standards, but mosquitoes keep me indoors far more than I'd like. So I confess - I've slipped in my resolution to take one good backyard photograph daily. Still, here's 10 of my favorite photos from the last month.

Chocolate pepper, just starting to ripen

Coreopsis after the rain

A coneflower rescued from the bunny, now potted
and in the recovery ward on the front porch

Bees adore butterfly weed (and pretty much everything else
in the butterfly garden). 

One of the last brandywine pink heirloom tomatoes,
calling for mozzarella.

Finally -  a butterfly (black swallowtail) appeared in the butterfly garden!

My new orchid


Zinnia and friend in the late afternoon sun.

Common buckeye butterfly - a first sighting


PlantPostings said...

That Pepper looks so yummy! I harvested my first Tomato a couple of weeks ago. Nothing is better than fresh-picked produce. Lovely photos, as always!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Sheila so much going and veggies and some lovely butterflies....just an amazing 10 days in your garden and a yummy one too!

Sheila Read said...

I am almost (almost) getting tired of tomatoes at this point in the summer. I can't believe I said that! A good problem to have :)

Donna, I am amazed at how much continues to go on in my small garden. I keep thinking I'll run out of material for daily photographs, but it's not been happening.