Sunday, February 10, 2013

Of Daffodils, a Concrete Bench, Courage and Grace

Early daffodils, most likely "Ice Follies"

In the last week or so, the early daffodils have been blooming. Daffodils look rather fragile, with their delicate nodding petals and soft spears of green leaves. But one week in January, I discovered a secret. 

Note part of concrete bench at top right.
My husband and I moved the concrete bench (see top right in the photo above). This bench is so heavy that both of us can barely lift the top for a few seconds, so we moved it in stages. Lift top slab. Lean against tree. Move one concrete pedestal. Move other concrete pedestal.

To my astonishment, under the second pedestal, yellow growing tips of daffodil leaves were poking through the soil.

Daffodils that were under the bench.  
Weeks later, I keep returning to reflect on the life force of these daffodils, at the energy with which they grew up through the earth. They could not feel the sun's warmth or see the light as they grew, but instinctively, blindly, courageously the plants grew, cell by cell. Their desire to be in the sun, to become the flowers they were meant to be, overcame the weight of a concrete bench.

I seek the courage of these daffodils, the energy, the love and the trust with which they grew despite heavy odds against them. How wonderful in this case to be the witness - and the accidental agent - of a small miracle. I think now of God's grace as the removal of an unmovable bench. My job is to keep growing without fear. 


PlantPostings said...

Amazing, Sheila. You AND the Daffodils are an inspiration to all of us! How interesting that you felt compelled to move that bench!

Sheila Read said...

Beth, now that you mention it, the timing of my decision to move the bench was interesting. I had wanted to move it for months - but why just then did I act on the urge? Just in time to uncover the valiant daffodils ...

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

How amazing! My daffodils are close but look like it will still be a week or two before they bloom. Very inspiring words!

Jason said...

Your post reminds me of that old Pete Seger song:

God bless the grass
That grows through the crack
They roll the concrete over it
To try and keep it back.
The concrete grows tired
of what it has to do
It cracks and buckles
And the grass grows through!

Know that song?

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Oh Sheila I am rejoicing to have you back...this was such an inspirational post and I find the courage to keep blooming where I am as well through these majestic daffodils...

Sheila said...

Karin, nice to hear from you! I'm surprised that my NC daffodils are ahead of yours in GA ....

Jason, great lyrics! I like his choice of topic - surprising in a songwriter :)

Donna, glad the daffodils are inspiring you, too! Now let's pray for the removal of the concrete bench!