Thursday, March 29, 2012


Emerging leaves on redbud 'Forest Pansy'

Mourning doves 


Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Love! Great capture of the mourning doves! I wanted to let you know that my sister and family are moving to Chapel Hill this May. I now have a new place to explore and gardens to visit! So excited!

Indie said...

I love how mourning doves often go about in pairs. Very cute!

Sheila Read said...

Karin, that's exciting about your sister moving to Chapel Hill? Does she need a house? :) Ours is on the market, because we're moving down the road to Raleigh. If you want, let me know when you're visiting. Would love to meet and tour a garden together. Duke Gardens and the N.C. Botanical Garden are favorites (totally different from each other). Niche Gardens nursery is also a must for native plants and is an enjoyable drive out in the country.

Indie, the doves are adorable. They were sitting so comfortably in the middle of the back garden. We have two pairs that have been around a lot lately. Signs of peace.