Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm Before the Hurricane

We escaped from the hot South to a Maine island that is now caught up in the excitement of an anticipated hurricane. I had one criterion for this to be a successful vacation - any weather is acceptable except temperatures above 90 degrees. Yesterday was sunny and calm, with barely a ripple on Casco Bay.

We explored favorite spots on the island. At Deer Point we stood on the ledges as the tide came in, looking southeast into the Gulf of Maine.

At the boatyard, men were busy hauling boats out of the water before the hurricane hits.

The island is accessible only by boat. The main work on the island is lobster fishing. 

We walked through the woods and along a rocky beach to a friend's house for dinner.

They served lobsters and sweet corn.

White birches are silhouetted in the fading light.

Goldenrod blooms along the shore, one of the early signs of fall.

We may lose power for a few days if the hurricane predictions aren't overblown. I have to admit that I'm more excited than scared of the storm, and look forward to some opportunities for photography.


Donna said...

Sheila what a wonderful vacation...lovely local and lobster...mmmmm!!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Looks like you are really enjoying your vacation! What a great place to relax. I hope y'all stay safe, have power and looking forward to seeing some more photos!

pumpkydine said...

Well I have been hoping the weather was not going to be a problem for your trip and hoping it didn't ruin your vacation, but from the looks of your pics all is well. I mean, Lobster and views like that, what else does one need! Have a safe trip home and look forward to more pics.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the comments and well wishes! I guess blogging has become part of me, since I'm doing it on vacation. It makes it more fun, seeing familiar spots through new eyes.